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Posted by TheMrCAGDL - March 15th, 2021

I'm still not satisfied with the current design of George and others...

I mean, I'm glad you guys like it, but, I'm still not convinced with the 5 fingers/toes design, or the realistic body style. As well if adding them a real animal equivalent.

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Posted by TheMrCAGDL - February 2nd, 2021

Should I make my characters:

- With 5 fingers and toes. (As I've doing them now)
- With 4 fingers and toes.
- With 4 fingers and 3 toes.

I wanna listen to you guys.

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Posted by TheMrCAGDL - October 23rd, 2020

Ok, where to start... Some time ago I posted something similar, but I was thinking in doing more changes, some very drastic. I hope you guys can understand.

First, the species: I was thinking in changing the species of my OCs from Pokémon to their real life animal equivalents. It is drastic, but think of it, I could do stuff without getting into a legal trouble. I only need to think about their species through... I have no purpose to throw away their Pokémon versions, but I want to change the style.

Second, I need to look for a proper style, you can notice how almost every drawing has a very different style (Three to four and then five toes, different body style, etc.) So, I was looking for a cartoony style but with some realistic stuff on them (I don't need to tell them hehe).

Third, changing more stuff about the canon of my OCs, mostly their history, I wanna give the ones I had the last days (In their Pokémon versions of course):


- He works on weekends, as he studies from Monday to Friday. His main work is helping in the library.

- He barely is with his parents, even if they have a very good relationship. Both are Typlosions.

- Actually uses contact lenses.

- Only fights when he's defending someone.

- Lives with his girlfriend Jacqueline, and have been a couple close to 10 years!

- His current age is 25 (And isn't a virgin, but shhhh...)


- She also works on weekends, same studies days as George, but she works as the one who serves food in the cinema (Forgot the name).

- She visits more often her parents, which are a female Typlosion and a male Flareon.

- She dies her hair since 5 years ago, but not very often.

- She's quite athletic, and very flexible.

- Was a cheerleader for two years, doesn't like to talk about why she leaved (Wasn't something bad).

- As said before, she lives with George. And her age is 24.


- He only works on mornings on weekends, but has night classes on them too.

- He's quite lazy, but likes to do jokes (With a limit).

- Sometimes he's responsible of fights, mostly defending people.

- He doesn't have a good relationship with his parents, which are a male Arbok and a female Mightyena.

- Let's say he had a dark past on internet (Mostly the stuff we did).

- Lives with an unknown room partner (At least for now).

- He's virgin, even when he was with some girls.


- He's very shy, and gets nervous by most stuff (Mostly things like rollercoasters or long plane travels).

- He's 24 years old (And hasn't luck with girls).

- He studies on weekend night. He works as the people who puts the merchandise on the malls from Monday to Friday (Name... God).

- He has a secret gaming channel on certain platform (Not even his sister know haha).

- He only has his mother, doesn't like to talk about his father. (She's a Samurott btw).


- She's the opposite to Matt, his older brother, as she's playful and likes to try new stuff.

- She's 22 years old, and has been with someone (They broke).

- She has the same schedule as George and Jacqueline, she works with George.

- She can be forgetful.

- Once she died her hair, but didn't liked it.

- She hates fights, and prefer to solve problems by talking.


- He's 25 years old, same schedule as May, George and Jacqueline, same work as Matt, but not in the same mall.

- In secret he wants to be a DJ.

- He's very social, but a bit lazy.

- He used to have brakes for his teeth.

- He doesn't wants to be in a relation, for now.

- He can have a very... special vocabulary. ^^;

- He has a good relation with his parents, but only in video chat. Both are Delphox's.


- He barely talks or visits his parents. Only his mother is a Salazzle, his parent is a Salandit.

- He isn't from the same country as the rest, he and his family moved when he was 7 years old.

- He has quite a like for natural stuff, mostly because he was in a hot weather place since he was born (Until he moved, and you should know what I mean >w> ).

- Works until the afternoon as a shop keeper (Checker mainly). He has night classes from Monday to Friday.

- He's 26 years old, and is still a virgin.

- Likes to have long hair.

- He's gay (Originally was bi, but I wanted to change that).


- She's 25 years old, and isn't a virgin (No partner).

- She doesn't work yet, same schedule as Joe.

- She's very quiet, and is very closed in talking unless she knows well the person she's talking with (Friends included).

- She likes to pass her time on outdoors.

- She's quite flexible.

- Her parents are a female Zoroark, and a male Seviper, but not his "original" father.

- She likes video games.


- He's 24 years old, and has a twin sister: Lola.

- He moved to his current country at his 15 years. Different country from Louis thou.

- He works at a cinema, receiving the tickets. This at nights, from Monday to Fridays. Studies on the mornings.

- His parents are both Lycanroc's, his mother is a Dusk form, and his father Midday form.

- He prefers the outdoors. And likes to read.

- He jogs during the mornings.


- She's 24 years old (Due being a twin hehe).

- She works as a baby-sitter when is needed (From afternoon to night, she studies on weekends in the mornings).

- She has a very goo relation with her parents.

- She dislikes fights, but if there's no other option, she does so.

- She isn't very feminine (In terms like way to act, talk; in other words, a tomboy)

- She has a like to suspense movies (Not horror, just suspense).

I hope you understand what I mean, and that you actually read this hehe.

Posted by TheMrCAGDL - March 3rd, 2020

Hi there. I hope you all are having a good day (or whatever the time is there).

I have been thinking in several things involving my characters, some left from the reference sheets made not so long ago.

For now my main idea is that all of my characters are studying in university (different classes of course), but what they're studying will still remain a mystery.

Another thing is where they live, as it is a campus, some of the characters share houses like this:

-George, Jacqueline and Louis live in one.

-Zack, Joe and Tobbias live in another.

-Maya and Lola share house.

-Stephanie and Matthew doesn't share room, so let's say they live with a mysterious partner (Not related to my OCs or any other).

And for they works my main idea is:

-Zack doesn't have a work at day, however he try DJing at nights.

-Louis works as a casher in a regular 24/7 shop during weekends.

-George works as a casher in a fast food restaurant.

-Jacqueline practice singing just for fun (So, this doesn't count as a job haha).

And about their moves, for now I just use four of them according to the situation.

And for the people I've been rping, they're not cannon at all, not even most of my pics are; the only canon things are: 

-George and Jacqueline are a couple for around 5 years.

-Tobbias and Lola are twins, and Matthew and Maya are siblings (Matt is the oldest by shorly a year, you can see the refs. for that).

-Joe isn't at all a bully, he knows what the limits are, like Louis, and Stephanie simply do things for defend herself or people she care.

Clothing isn't consistent, like real life, they can wear different things.

After all, remember, I just draw them for fun, sometimes silly situations, and maybe in the future to reflect some opinions or my feelings.